Forest Flutes

Forest Flutes

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Forest Flutes are wonderful natural branch flutes created by married artisans Robi Akbar and Elok Teja Suminar in East Java, Indonesia.  Each flute is completely unique, as every wood branch collected in the forest outside their home has it's natural curves and coloring, and every design painted on the flute is created in the moment.  It is our pleasure to present these incredible flutes to you as part of the Beautiful Sounds healing instrument collection.  We hope you find a very special flute for you here!  

Head to the LISTEN tab to listen to all these flutes in stock and ready to ship. Each flute video was made by Beautiful Sounds founder, Kerem Brule, as a music meditation for you.  Be sure to select the exact same flute in the drop down that you listened to and fell in love with.   All videos are labeled to assist you to select the matching flute in the drop down options.



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