Angel Therapy Harps
Angel Therapy Harps
Angel Therapy Harps

Angel Therapy Harps

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Created by Barbie Edwards based in Sedona, AZ, Angel Therapy Harps are a sound bridge to Spirit that allows us to shift out of our judging minds back to our true selves that remember that love and grace are all around us. Enter into this world of ease as often as you like by simply strumming one of these beautiful harps. Feel the relaxation flowing through your body as the tones and vibrations against your body create coherency at a cellular level and bring harmony back into your consciousness. These beautiful sounds bring forth the beauty of the heavenly realms. They will transport you home and you will find you are always welcome.

All Angel Therapy Harps come with a complete package:

  • Angel Therapy Harp pre-tuned in the tuning of your choosing
  • Padded Carrying Case
  • Tuning Guide
  • Electronic Tuner
  • Tuning Wrench


Angel Therapy Lap Harps are unique healing instruments. We pre-tune each harp. From the very first time you pick up the harp, you can close your eyes and strum across the strings, and it sounds beautiful! People listening to you will think you have played for years.  Angel Therapy Harps balance chakras, calm the nervous system and stimulate the immune system. The vibrations of the harps balance and regenerate the body, often allowing people to release chronic pain and symptoms of degenerative illness and ADD/ADHD.

Therapists and healers find them easy and effective. Using the harps to start or end their sessions, their clients go quickly into deep states of release and healing.



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