Sound Wings

Sound Wings

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Sound Wings are a marvelous instrument in the SVARAM New Waves sound healing instrument line. They can be anchored from a point on the ceiling, struck and rotated in space, emitting a truly magnificent harmonic sound. Through its whirling movement, strongly perceptible pulsating waves are created which have enlivening implications on the atmosphere of the room as well as on the subtle bodies and overall state of the client.

Sound Wings spread their wondrous effect through their cosmological, mathematically based tunings in combination with the rotating movement of vortex energies. Depending on the archetype and the principle of tuning, which represent diverse cultural approaches and emphases, the Rotating Chimes can bring very specific 'world-views' and perceptions into direct audible and sensory experience uplifting the listener into realms of progressive harmonies of integration.
SVARAM's Sound Wings represent the basic universal and historically applied 4 musical tuning archetypes:

• The Harmonic Ray - natural, primal music
• The Diatonic Circle - the Greek ideal
• The Spiral of Pure Fifths - the Chinese cosmology
• The Song-Lines of Ragas - the Indian path

Playing the Sound Wings
1) The Sound Wings have to be simply hung/anchored from a point above, or suspended on a stand.
2) The tonal material - single tones, interval combination, phrases, patterns and melodies - can be explored with specific added mallets. Each of the 4 models holds a rather different tuning system as described, and can be explored in the spirit of contemplative play: opening-playing-listening-visualizing-reflecting-integrating.
3) The special effect of the Sound Wings is added through a rotating movement. This can be easily archived through a spinning impetus given by the lower rope sleeve. Through the ensuing twisting of the top rope the rotating motion winds and unwinds in both directions while the striking of selected tones can continue. Through the exact proportionate tuning of the frequencies a veritable vortex of sonic energies unfolds, spreading harmonic waves into your being and place.


SPIRAL Sound Wing - Evolution

This harmonizing instrument combines an ancient tuning with rotating movement to bring a unique sound-atmosphere in your environment. Based on a series of pure fifths - the universal "Pythagorean" tuning - it evokes the dynamics of expanding spirals, ever widening in the ascending scale, or descending, inward moving, centering spirals.

“Out of the One reflects the Two. From the union of these the Three is born. Out of the Three all things in the world are created”

The Spiral Sound Wing is the perfect reflection of the constantly unfolding process of creation. Each tone relates to all the others in a beautifully simple and harmonizing way. There are no tensions, only constant resolutions, support, strengthening, encouraging.... The whole array vibrates enthusiasm. This Sound Wing is taking flight, uplifting, always expanding or descending, settling into deep calm.



CIRCLE Sound Wing - Balance

This more common, basic diatonic tuning is the classic and balanced progression within the wholeness of an octave. The archetypal 7 steps of the scale stand symbolically for the planes of consciousness; they represent our energy centers in the dynamic flow and process of the polarity between heaven and earth. The Sound Circle radiates a veritable "rainbow of sound", rich in differentiation, centered in one source.
“A child of heaven and earth, the human being finds its center and circumference through the play of polarities.”
The single tones of this veritable matrix of balance and symmetry are a combination of the ascending 'major' forward movement and the descending gentle introspective 'minor' scale and was taken as the classic ideal of an inwardly centered and dynamically active human. Each step of the scale reveals its own character and can be explored in the context and with the help of the image of a perfect vertical alignment of the energy centers of the subtle body. Through this a powerful resonance and transference of vibrations can invigorate our organism and strengthen its coherence and integration.



RAY Sound Wing - Involution

This instrument represents an exact section of the natural harmonic series (all intervals from the 8th to the 16th overtone) and can be utilized as a proper scale (or "measuring rod") to explore the nature of sound and its relationship to the symbolism of numbers, harmonics and proportions. Through contemplative playing one is touched by the 'alchemy of sound' and arrives at a harmonization and integration of the being.

 “From one existence, consciousness stirs and vibrates forth its creative, manifold rays of light and sound.”

The tones of this instrument, as a holographic section of this ray, express the quality and proportions of the numbers 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16. They can be approached through pure sounds and their relation and interplay as well as through a play with the signatures of the numbers. Through meditative play a synthesis between the different realms of sensational, emotive and mental perception can be achieved resulting in an experience of sonic identification and oneness. 


Path Sound Wing - Pathways
These selected tunings are based on the ancient system of Indian Ragas. They express certain moods, atmospheres, time-cycles or specific states of being. The resulting resonance affects the inner and outer environment with a sense of deeper perception of the soul's journey through life.
The original pathway ('Sound Path - “Awakening”) is a representation of the awakening moment as exemplified in the morning Raga of Bhairav (which was carried on gypsy and mystic trails from India all the way to Spain). Its uneven steps and characteristic patterns echo the dynamic and yet reflective path of self-discovery.



Sound Wing and Swinging Chime harmonic tunings utilize the beauty and clarity of simple mathematics and pure proportions, to find a tonal expression of the inherent harmony and beauty of the cosmic play. In contrast to the standardized international concert pitch of A 440 Hz, the instruments are based on C 256, the 'physical C', (the eight octave of one -1-2-4-8-16-32-64-128-256...). This relates the music's fundamental pitch to the primal time unit of one second, reflecting the circumnavigation of the Earth around the Sun - and stands analogous to our primal movement around a solar center.

The moving ' Touch of Sound'
Each tone of the selected scales supports and is contained in the others. The interacting tones create a real symphony of togetherness and oneness. Through additional movement of spinning, whirling or swinging, the sound behind the sound appears, becomes audible........ the unified waves touch the organic system, deepening the resonance underlying all living beings. Matter is recognized in its vibrational nature, and the whole being delights in a pure experience of synaesthetic awareness.

Contemplative Play

A new approach to playing with music is asked for to support the process of learning and self-exploration, to experience the 'meaning' and potential of NEW WAVES instruments. The childlike curiosity to play with the unknown, to discover, a sense of wonder, combined with a deep listening into the depth and quality of sound and an alert reflection on its sensory impact - are all helpful in fathoming the 'message' of the specific tonal configuration. We center ourselves, come into relation with the instrument in an attitude of communion, play with single tones, perceive, respond, invite, create, act and react, move and are moved ….. The focus lies on receptivity, perception, listening, sensing, and not so much on expression and doing. The function of the instruments is to open the space, environment, feeling and imagination to the realm of vibrations and bring the player's being and surroundings into resonance with its inherent musical structure and natural need for harmony. The deepening of the sound perception works on the diverse layers of our constitution - with an immediate physical, tactile or deeper organic impact, an emotional response and possible visual, intuitive reaction - increasing the capacity of differentiation and unification in a heightened state of awareness, the phenomenon of synaesthesia in which our senses all swing together in a symphonic experience of wholeness. The vibratory, energetic nature of our existence is revealing itself through the refinement of our human instrumentation, the player playing is the play – in the moving dance of New Waves!


Sound Wings are shipped directly and quickly to your door from our maker partners in India.

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