Power Up  Music Empowerment Program 

Power Up is a music empowerment program for disadvantaged women and girls in San Diego.
We teach drumming and singing at recovery homes and rehabilitation centers to share the health benefits and social impact of group music making. Our program provides alternative avenues for self-care, stress management, and community connection. Our vision is to empower participants in feeling more confident, positive and engaged in their lives. We meet them exactly where they are, one beat and one woman at a time.

PowerUp Facilitators


Gia is a singer-songwriter, spiritual teacher, and sound healer. She is passionate about empowering others to use their voices for healing and inspiration.


Vicki is a massage therapist and 20-year founder of the San Diego Women's Drum Circle, and a passionate advocate for women to rise up together through rhythm. sdwomensdrumcircle.net


Kerem is a musician, sound healing educator and owner of Beautiful Sounds, teaching simple approaches to healing with sound using the Beautiful Sounds healing instrument collection.   beautifulsounds.co

Testimonials from Program Participants

“Interacting with the rhythm gave me the chance to express all my emotions. You could feel the positive energy in the air. There have been times in my life where I am scared to try the unfamiliar because I am afraid to fail. With the support of the teachers, they made me feel very confident. Playing the drums, there is no error. You get to just express your sentiments and emotions.” - J. G.

Las Colinas Women's Detention Center

“When we sang the chants, it lifted my spirits. These were such beautiful moments.  Never in my life did I think that hitting the drums would help so much. The music sounds so beautiful. While I am in the dorm, I chant to myself or listen to the drum music and it relaxes my thoughts and feelings. The challenge of playing the drums has helped me overcome fear. Coordinating the rhythm connects my mind and heart. I am no longer scared of my voice or embarrassed. I feel comfortable.” - P. G.

Las Colinas Women's Detention Center

“Just hearing the music play through my body made me feel renewed. It really made me feel alive and happy. There is so much I’ve learned from this class and so many healing, happy times.  I am usually closed off, so it’s nice to be able to express myself.  I have experienced trauma and loss, and I see drumming as a healing outlet to deal with that. My relationship with my fellow classmates has changed because we can get together, laugh, and solve problems without the need for speech.” - S. R. 

Las Colinas Women's Detention Center

“When we would take turns playing a drum solo, we would yell and let out our voices and it gave me lots of inspiration and confidence. We would get lots of motivation and every class was very positive and very emotional. I have confidence in myself. I no longer have shame. I feel like I am set free.”
-M. R.

Las Colinas Women's Detention Center

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