Deep Peace Ocarinas (Ready to Ship)
Deep Peace Ocarinas (Ready to Ship)
Deep Peace Ocarinas (Ready to Ship)
Deep Peace Ocarinas (Ready to Ship)
Deep Peace Ocarinas (Ready to Ship)
Deep Peace Ocarinas (Ready to Ship)
Deep Peace Ocarinas (Ready to Ship)
Deep Peace Ocarinas (Ready to Ship)

Deep Peace Ocarinas (Ready to Ship)

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The sound from these Deep Peace Ocarinas is so soothing and relaxing, and allows us to connect deeply within ourselves while playing or listening.

Created by hand from flute artisan Robi Akbar who resides with his beautiful family in Indonesia, each piece is made from found fallen branches in the forest outside his front door and uniquely detailed with original art and gemstones.  Utilizing a diverse array of wood from local trees such as Mango, Teak, White Cedar and Horse Tree, each Deep Peace Ocarina shows the natural curves of the branch from which is was carved.  

We are connected around the world through music, and we are so pleased to now offer these mystical earthy instruments from Juang Flutes!   Another fantastic instrument maker in the Beautiful Sounds family that puts so much heart into his craft.

Important Note: Each of the Low Ocarinas listed on this website are available for purchase in the US only.  If you are an international customer outside the US, or if you are in the US but would like a similar design in a key of your choosing, we can easily get one custom made just for you in an alternate way than through the website!  Connect with us at to discuss options.


Low D 432 Horse Tree / Agate

Low D 440 Mango / Chalcedony 

Low D 432 Mango / Agate

Low D 432 Teak / Green Obsidian


Low D 432 Horse Tree / Green Jade 

Low C 440 Horse Tree / Agate 

Low C 440 White Cedar / Agate

Low C 432 Mango / Agate


Low B 440 Teak (no stone)

Meet the Maker


Robi Akbar (Flute Maker, Owner of Juang Flutes) 

I am Robi Akbar, from Sumatra Island, Indonesia. I'm a theater actor. Some years ago a theater demanded that I make a flute for one of the productions.  Who would have thought? That flute I made led me to be a real Flute maker. 

I married a woman who also loved art. She's a writer of novels, short stories, poetry and theatrical scripts. The beginning of our marriage was the toughest of times. We sang with each other's guitars, toured the village to survive. 

Juang is the name of my son that I finally use as my flute brand, because since his birth, my wife and I do not need to sing around. I learned self-taught to make all kinds of flutes with simple and roughing tools. 

Starting from 2018, I started it and until now, I have managed to make various kinds of Flutes with a variety of materials to sell and ship to many countries in the world. 

I have made various kinds, from bamboo, wood, branches and also pvc. Most of the customers are from America, parts of The United Kingdom, France, Nederland, Switzerland, Australia, Singapore, and so on. 

I am so grateful, god has given me good talent and the ability to create a lot of happiness in the world through my art, love and my family.  Maybe I haven't done much, but a lot of magical things will happen in the future. I believe it. 

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