Dream Rattles
Dream Rattles

Dream Rattles

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Are you a "dreamer"? These handcrafted small gourd rattles are waiting to assist you in waking up your dreams, right now. Made from small gourds, filled with a combination of crushed granite, seashells & sand. Cedar sticks wrapped in felt. Painted & sealed. Feathers either duck, rooster, peacock. Each rattle is named after it is fully created, when its essence and magic is revealed to the maker, with names like: 

Earth Song
Magic Mushroom 
Peace Journey
Life Force
Mustard Seed

Created in ceremony with respect and love by A Thousand Threads creator Una Gallagher, a magical being and an artisan of the forests of Vermont.  We are so thrilled to have her rattles with us as such wonderful complements to the other musical instruments we carry.  Powerful Earth Music Medicine in every rattle!

Connect with us about which Dream Rattles we currently have in stock as each piece is completely unique and it's own work of art.  You can choose among the rattles we have in stock or we can order a custom one for you if you like any of the designs pictured, or have particular colors in mind.

Una creates unique one of a kind ceremonial tools with the world including medicine pouches, smudge fans, smudge pots, medicine necklaces and more.  For those items you can connect with her directly on Instagram @athousandthreads!  

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