Euphonic Array
Euphonic Array
Euphonic Array
Euphonic Array

Euphonic Array

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The Euphonic Array is a brand new ambient frequency instrument in the world, created by Acolyte Instruments in Los Angeles.  It is an incredible soundscape addition like brings ambient long tones much like crystal bowls using water on the fingers and sliding along the rods.   

You can get many unique combinations of notes and frequencies in both 440 and 432.  

Euphonic Array - MONAURAL BEAT

Monaural Beat Euphonics (also called Monaural Pairs) are specifically tuned with the notes 4hz apart from each other which creates a beat/wave effect when the notes are played simultaneously.  This effect is very conducive to meditative state.

Notes on the Monoaural Beat C (video below):  C3 pair, C4 pair, E4 and G4 pair


Euphonic Array - OVERTONE (7 and 5 note models)

The Euphonic Array Overtone is incredibly unique in that is is tuned outside of equal temperament (the world standard) in “Just intonation”

What is 'Just Intonation'?
That means instead of playing “notes” the Overtone1 plays scientifically relative harmonics from a given pitch. These overtones are a phenomenon that occur naturally in nature. Starting on frequency 65.406 (around what we know as C2 in equal temperament) the Euphonic Array™ Overtone1 plays corresponding frequencies at a ratio of 1/4 1/5 1/6 1/7 1/8 1/9 1/10 (see diagram in pics)

Please note – because the Overtone1 is tuned in just intonation, it will not play in tune with MOST other instruments you may own or play)

This instrument isn’t about making traditional “music” that you may hear at the orchestra, but it is more a work of sonic Art. It also just sounds awesome!


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