Old World Lyre

Old World Lyre

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The Old World Lyre is modern production of one of the most ancient stringed instruments in the world.   It is a great choice for the beginning musician, with 10 strings in a diatonic tuning that is easy to discover melodies with.  Every purchase comes with a free tuning and playing lesson online or in person with Kerem, founder of Beautiful Sounds!

The design of this instrument is based primarily on the work of Spanish Lutheir Juan Ramirez Vega. Juan did extensive research on the Iberic Lyre from 900BC. The version that Juan built will be presented in the Madrid University and the Zaragoza Museum.

This Lyre can be built for you with nylon strings for a more mellow tone or with wire strings for a brighter, bell-like tone.  Just select which strings you prefer in the drop down above.   A simple and wonderful sounding stringed instrument to add to your healing music instrument collection!

Instrument Details:

Item Old World Lyre
Strings 10 strings
Tuning Diatonic - C4 to E5
Weight 2.5 pounds
Overall Length 25"
Width 16" at the top, 10" at the bottom
Soundboard Solid spruce
Frame and back Walnut

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