Private Sound Journeys at Beautiful Sounds

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We are very excited to begin offering private sound journeys for up to 2 people with Beautiful Sounds at our location!

You have two different 1 hour sound experiences options to choose from, which you can read about below.  Once you purchase the experience, Kerem will reach out directly to book a mutually good time and day.

Live Looping Sound Immersion (Amplified)

Experience divine improvised and harmonized vocals and melodic layering with nature sounds within a deeply relaxing immersive soundscape that will truly take you on a journey with sound. 

Designed for a highly unique experience with sound healing you may never have seen or heard before. A must try at least once! 

Natural Vibes Sound Bath (Non-Amplified)

Experience a more kinesthetic and traditional approach with a more direct vibrational style with instruments and vocals in their natural state, played in a beautiful sequence one after the other (no looping or complex layering). 

You will bath in the simple beauty of each instrument, with some
instruments played directly on the body if desired. 

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