Sound Healing Mentoring Sessions with Kerem

Sound Healing Mentoring Sessions with Kerem

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Book a Sound Healing Mentoring Session with Kerem, the founder of Beautiful Sounds!  Kerem has been a professional sound healer for nearly 10 years in her San Diego community and has offered and grown her sound work skills in many many different group environments.   Tap into her knowledge as a sound healing mentor with focused one-on-one attention to help guide you to better integrate sound healing into your current offerings in a confident, fulfilling, thoughtful and effective way in your own community. 

This is a chance to ask Kerem anything you like around the field of sound healing, and come away with some new gems and/or insights you can implement to enhance your professional sound healing practice.  This is also a great opportunity to talk through any challenges that have arisen in your sound work and strategize on potential solutions.  Kerem is super friendly, knowledgeable and above all wants you to feel ready to take sound healing out into the world in an awesome way that is aligned with who are are!  

Sound Healing Mentoring Sessions are available in live video format via zoom, facetime, or whatsapp, or we can set up a phone call through whatsapp (internationally) or the phone.  

Sound Healing Mentoring Sessions are booked after purchasing and are available to anyone around the world.  You will be contacted by Kerem to schedule your session at a mutually good date and time after purchasing.  I look forward to connecting with you and assisting you on your sound healing journey.  Much love!

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