Electric Travel N'gonis & Travel Koras
Electric Travel N'gonis & Travel Koras
Electric Travel N'gonis & Travel Koras
Electric Travel N'gonis & Travel Koras
Electric Travel N'gonis & Travel Koras
Electric Travel N'gonis & Travel Koras
Electric Travel N'gonis & Travel Koras

Electric Travel N'gonis & Travel Koras

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So thrilled to share the innovative and colorful Travel N'Gonis and Travel Koras, created by musician and instrument artisan Sergey Kalachev of Kalachev Arts and Crafts in Moscow, Russia.

Though very untraditional in appearance and design, these awesome instruments are played the same way as the original instruments. The Travel Ngoni/Kora allows you to practice and perform comfortably, keeping the same technique and positioning as in traditional instrument playing.

The smaller size and the high quality birch plywood material do reduce the volume and richness of the sound compared to the traditional models that have a gourd resonator.  But cleverly, every instrument comes with an installed pickup which easily compensates for this and allows you to connect this Travel Ngoni/Kora to an amplifier, and any other concert or studio recording equipment!  

In acoustic mode (without amplification), the sound is quite enough for personal practice or a small concert.

When played with an amplifier, the Travel Ngoni/Kora gives a clear and bright sound. And the use of reverb or other effects allows you to achieve a really unique and memorable sound.  Experimentation is encouraged.   It can also be simply mic'd to amplify the sound, but the richest tones and deeper dimension from the instrument will be heard when using the pickup.


Bright and rich color stains are available in Red, Green, Blue, Black and Brown, as well as all natural wood with no stain.  All parts are protected from wear and dirt with a professional varnish.



Travel N'Goni uses pentatonic tuning
Travel Kora is tuned chromatically


All parts of the Travel Ngoni/Kora except for the bridge are made of high quality birch plywood. Bridge is made of beech wood or ash wood.  In the production process, high-precision CNC milling is used, achieving a consistent level in quality and precision on every instrument.

Reliable and simple grand piano pinions are used for the tuning of the Travel N'Goni/Kora. Tuning is carried out using a special key supplied in the kit.  The Travel N'goni/Kora is equipped with a removable crossbar that is attached to the neck during transport and installed on the base of the body during practice.  The strings are made of high-quality nylon are selected according to precise calculations of load and tension.

Travel Kora comes with a shoulder strap carry case, tuning key and some extra strings.

The compromises that had to be made in the development of this musical instrument are more than outweighed by the convenience that Travel Kora gives students, musicians and teachers at a more than affordable price.

Travel N'Goni Dimensions: 49"h x 8"w x  10"d @ 6.6 lbs
Travel Kora Dimensions:      49"h x 8"w x  10"d @ 6.1 lbs

Included components:
  • Travel N'Goni or Travel Kora
  • Carrying Case
  • Tuning Key
  • Replacement String Set


Meet the Maker

Sergey Kalachev is a lover of all African instruments, and for many years taught and played West African Drumming as well as manufacturing djembes and other percussion.  And then he discovered his love for the Kora, also known as the African Harp, and his journey evolved into learning to create traditional style kora and n'goni.  In the last 4 years he has been in consistent development of a lighter, simpler version of these instruments for traveling, and more affordable to anyone drawn to this sound.

Had to include this next one because....how freaking cute is this?


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