WoodPack Wood Tongue Drums
WoodPack Wood Tongue Drums
WoodPack Wood Tongue Drums
WoodPack Wood Tongue Drums
WoodPack Wood Tongue Drums

WoodPack Wood Tongue Drums

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What are WoodPack Drums?

WoodPack Drums are rhythmical - melodic musical instruments made of high quality resonating wood. Vibrations cause unique and soothing wooden melody, resembling marimba or xylophone. There are two ways to play - you can use rubber mallets or your fingertips. WoodPack is known for it's carefully chosen and naturally dried wood and quality production, which makes it one of the best wood tongue drums in the world.  

WoodPack is a handmade instrument. Every WoodPack is unique and the tuning itself takes several days - there are no instruments with same look or same sound.

What's included with every WoodPack drum?

WoodPack drums through Beautiful Sounds include a high quality padded case and a set of playing mallets. 

What's the history of the slit drum?

Slit drum is one of the oldest known instruments in the world. Even hundreds of years ago, it was a common part of African, Asian and South-American cultures. Those drums were first made of hollowed out trees, not being able to produce more than two different musical notes. However, our aim was to create an instrument with good intonation, beautiful and unique tone and tuning that is more friendly to the ears. WoodPack is capable of playing simple melodies and chords thanks to its tuning in major and minor scales.

The WoodPack Idea

WoodPack is an intuitive musical instrument accessible to both professionals and beginners. WoodPack is made of natural materials only (wood and natural oil) and provides you the effect of music therapy - whether it's the touch of hands with nature or the vibrations through the instrument's wood body. That's why WoodPack is recommended for music meditation.


E Major WoodPack Drum

 D Minor WoodPack Drum

Bb Major WoodPack Drum

B Integral WoodPack Drum

C Minor Woodpack Drum

E Minor WoodPack Drum

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