Meet Ambassador Erika Lee

Erika Lee began her Yoga journey in 1995, and it has been her long time passion both on the mat and off the mat. She originally connected with the practice to find support with her anxiety and depression, as well as chronic upper back pain brought on by stress. After just a few months into her practice, these symptoms began to alleviate. Through this personal journey, she knew that it was her dharma to share this practice with the collective.

Today, many years later and thousands of hours of teaching and practicing, Erika is a Certified Yoga Therapist, 200 Hour Hatha Teacher Trainer, Reiki Master Trainer, Mentor, and Shamanic practitioner. She is the Yoga Therapist on staff at the outpatient Center For Discovery, an eating disorder recovery center, in Del Mar,Ca. She loves to come together in community and honor the energies of the earth in her monthly full moon ceremonies. Erika is a well rounded instructor, being both spiritual and grounded. She is also the President and Co-Founder of Wuf Shanti, LLC. A wonderful kids yoga business that brings the healing aspects of Yoga to little ones and their parents. Erika is a truly authentic teacher and facilitator. Her love of the powerful teachings of Yoga and meditation, her quirky sense of humor, and her ability to hold immaculate space for others, make her true joy to practice with and learn from.

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