Meet Ambassador Gia George

Gia George is a yoga & meditation teacher, spiritual channel, musician, and energy healer. She loves teaching about spiritual growth, connecting to your intuition, and overcoming negative emotions, while empowering you to find your soul purpose and inner magic. She creates inspirational videos on her Youtube channel, teaches live workshops and online courses, performs music and sound healing, offers private energy healing sessions, writes and records guided meditations, and creates original healing music to compliment her creations. Her highest honor would be to empower others to follow the divine light of their own wise souls.

In Gia's words, "The Flow Chimes provide a celestial soundscape over which I can sing soothing vibrations, channel wisdom, and offer healing energy. I love how unique they are and how they resonate with the angelic realms that I channel in my energy healing sessions and sound healing performances. The chimes provide soft and soothing tones unlike other bells, bowls, or chimes that I’ve seen. I feel that this instrument adds so much dimension to my healing sessions. I love them!"

Find Gia George on:  Facebook | Instagram | Website | YouTube

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