Meet Ambassador Jessica Prestia

Jessica Prestia is a certified Reiki Master, Meditation Teacher and Crystal Healer. In 2015 her sister, Juliette, was diagnosed with breast cancer, which lead Jessica to find ways to help support Juliette for her journey. Jessica started using meditation as a way to calm her own emotions and be able to support her family. She was then lead to study Reiki and became a certified Reiki Master in 2017. Jessica used Reiki to help provide healing for her sister and found a love for healing others. In 2018, Jessica wanted to continue her spiritual journey and decided to study under Davidji to become a certified meditation teacher. Jessica has always had love for the healing power of crystals, and in 2018 decided to also become a certified Crystal Healer. Her love for crystals inspired Jessica and her husband Chris to open an Etsy shop with crystal jewelry made by Chris and Reiki infused by Jessica. Using her passion for healing, Jessica has held numerous workshops, reiki circles, sound healing and classes to help inspire the spiritual growth and healing of others. Jessica also started hosting her own healing events, which include other healers and vendors she has dubbed the "Vibe Tribe," to help develop a healing community in the South Florida area.

Jessica believes that when you are inspired, you are in spirit. She is dedicated to help emblaze your heart, soul and spirit, while keeping you intuitively inspired.

Using the Flow Chimes during meditations, reiki circles and healing events, allows people to focus and connect deeper to their heart energy, thoughts and emotions during their healing process. The sound vibrations from the chimes radiate and provide healing for their muscles, bones and blood, which adds another dimension to their overall well being.

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