Meet Ambassador Sunje O'Clancy

Sünje is the founder and director of the children’s yoga company Yoga Rascals. Teaching yoga to students of every age in a variety of settings for the past 20 years, she also created the Yoga Rascals program for children. The program has been taught successfully in many schools and other venues for over a decade. As director of teacher training, she educates others how to teach yoga to children, and led Yoga Rascals to become the first children’s yoga school in California to be registered with Yoga Alliance®. In addition to teaching kids and family yoga classes, she enjoys working with teens, and offering yoga classes for adults as well as sound experiences in various venues.

Sünje has a Master's of Arts degree from Ludwig-Maximiliams-University in Munich. She was a presenter at UCSD’s Center for Mindfulness Bridging Conference, and has been featured on the cover of San Diego Magazine. Her most influential teachers are her teenage sons, and her yoga students.

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