Meet Ambassador Veronika Winski

I work with people who are serious about breaking the patterns and habits that are keeping them from having what they really want in life.

I feel privileged to assist you on your journey of Awakening. Let me help you find your tribe, unlock your gifts and live the life you most desire. Some people think I’m magical and that I’m zapping their brains, (as an Energetic Mindset Coach) but really, it’s because I incorporate Energy work into my practice. Energy combined with simple mindset shifting techniques, allows me to kick my clients self-sabotage, etc, to the curb! I didn’t just make all this up. I went to college, Florida State University; go Seminoles! This will probably sound like mumbo jumbo to you, but, in case you wanted to know, I am an Access Bars facilitator and I’ve studied Neuro Linguistic Programming, and many other modalities.

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