Earth Sound Wings
Earth Sound Wings

Earth Sound Wings

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Sound Wings are a marvelous instrument in the Svaram New Waves sound healing instrument line. They can be anchored from a point on the ceiling, struck and rotated in space, emitting a truly magnificent harmonic sound. Through its whirling movement, strongly perceptible pulsating waves are created which have enlivening implications on the atmosphere of the room as well as on the subtle bodies and overall state of the client.

Sound Wings are the larger version of the smaller Flow Chimes, and are available in matching tunings...two octaves lower in sound!

Elemental Tunings (notes high to low)

Earth:  C A G E D C


Listen to the Earth Sound Wing

This harmonizing instrument combines an ancient tuning with rotating movement to bring a unique sound-atmosphere in your environment. Based on a series of pure fifths - the universal "Pythagorean" tuning - it evokes the dynamics of expanding spirals, ever widening in the ascending scale, or descending, inward moving, centering spirals.

Contemplation on the Spiral

“Out of the One reflects the Two. From the union of these the Three is born. Out of the Three all things in the world are created”

The Spiral Sound Wing is the perfect reflection of the constantly unfolding process of creation. Each tone relates to all the others in a beautifully simple and harmonizing way. There are no tensions, only constant resolutions, support, strengthening, encouraging.... The whole array vibrates enthusiasm. This Sound Wing is taking flight, uplifting, always expanding or descending, settling into deep calm.
Playing the Sound Wing

1) The Sound Wings have to be simply hung/anchored from a point above, or suspended on a stand.

2) The tonal material - single tones, interval combination, phrases, patterns and melodies - can be explored with specific added mallets, and can be explored in the spirit of contemplative play: opening-playing-listening-visualizing-reflecting-integrating.

3) The magical effect of the Sound Wings is added through rotation after one or several notes have been struck 


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