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Crystal Harps
Ethereal Wing Crystal Harps Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Ethereal Wing Crystal Harps Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Crystal Harps
Crystal Harps
Crystal Harps
Crystal Harps

Crystal Harps

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Ethereal Wings Crystal Harps are created deep in the forests of Gdynia, Poland, and developed by Thomas Gruba to meet the vision of a new humanity.  In Thomas' words:

"The wisdom that comes from the deep forest tells us:

“The time has come for humans to return to their original harmony”

Each Ethereal Wing Crystal Harp can be tuned to either 440 or 432 and comes with a gorgeous padded and ABS reinforced carry case, that makes it easy to safely transport your crystal harp anywhere in style.   The harp also comes with two playing mallets for gently playing the notes, or you can produce an ethereal tone by sliding slightly moistened fingers over the crystal tubes.

Check out the sound samples for all tunings of 6 and 9 note models of the Ethereal Wing Crystal Harps and find the one just right for you!

  • Crystal Harp in 432 or 440
  • A set of playing mallets
  • Folding stand (to play the harp vertically)
  • Manual booklet in 5 languages (English, Polish, German, Spanish, French) with product quality declaration and serial number for your specific crystal harp.
  • Hardcase backpack reinforced with strong and lightweight ABS material, and inside lined with waterproof velvet. 

Looking for something smaller?  Check our the Mini Crystal Harp from Ethereal Wing

Listen - 9 Note

More Details on 9 Note Crystal Harp Scales

Ethereal  C. It is a radiant, uplifting major tuning. The tones in Ethereal C perfectly complement the chakra crystal bowl sets by another, higher octave. Its frequencies primarily focus attention on stopping the mind and greater presence in the here and now.

9 notes: C5 - D5 - E5 - F5 - G5 - A5 - B5 - C6 - D6

Earth Om C#. It is a grounding scale, contacting with presence and inner feeling, which is often obscured by our mind. Earth OM is consciously walking on the earth with an open heart. The main purpose of this tuning is: Grounding, reminding of the perfection and beauty of the moment.
9 notes: C#5 - E5 - F#5 - G#5 - A5 - B5 - C#6 - E6 - F#6
Celtic Moon B. Ancient Celtic harps were based on this tuning. This sound emphasizes connection with nature, the earth and the deep forest. Since we are also part of nature, we also use these frequencies to delve deeper into ourselves more easily.
9 notes: B4 - D5 - E5 - F5 - G5 - A5 - B6 - D6 - E6

Heavenly Sun A. It is felt to be the brightest of harps. It sounds as if it vibrated half earthly (Terrestrial) and half heavenly (Celestial). It is a joyful, major tuning whose frequencies focus on joy, carefreeness and finding a sense of bliss within yourself.
9 notes: A4 - B4 - C#5 - D5 - E5 - F#5 - A5 - B5 - C#6 


Ethereal Wing Crystal Harps were born out of the idea to give people the most harmonizing tools that they would stand again in their power and gentleness.

Currently, humanity has lost touch with its physical as well as spiritual balance. There are vibrations and sounds that we have forgotten that resonate with beautiful harmony.

Crystals are the most harmonized structures in nature. That is why we use crystals to create instruments that can show us the way again by means of musical vibration. Precision is important to us to convey these vibrations in the best possible way.

When the crystallization is manifested in space, each of us can draw from it and harmonize with it. And also experiencing completely different frequencies of being.  Each model has a unique sound and creates a different atmosphere."

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