Chakapas Ceremonial Clearing Sound Tool
Chakapas Ceremonial Clearing Sound Tool

Chakapas Ceremonial Clearing Sound Tool

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We are honored to carry handcrafted chakapas created by artisan Joy Santos, founder of Saint & Intuition of Long Beach, California.

More on chakapa origins and use from Joy:

”Shamans and spiritual healers use chakapas during ceremonies as a cleansing tool. While clearing attachments or blockages one may have, they also call-in harmony and healing. They may be played on their own, with drums, while singing icaros, as well as directly on the body.  

Chakapas are a healing tool for clearing attachments & blockages.  Made with commodore palm leaves to bring in balance and call-in prosperity and good luck. Gently shake around you or on your body, allowing the beautiful harmonic sound to cleanse your energy & other forces.  

Chakapa bundles are carefully handcrafted and infused with love & blessings. Whether it be for personal use, with others during ceremony or as a musical instrument, I am grateful to be able to share them with you.”

Meet the Maker

Joy Santos (Long Beach, California)

Hi, my name is Joy of Saint & Intuition. While attending a soundbath, I came across this beautiful instrument. I was tempted to take a little peak during mediation. Though I was tempted to open my eyes to see what was creating such a calm and refreshing sound, I kept my eyes closed, allowing the rattle to guide me through my meditative journey. I began to feel lighter, falling into a more grounded meditation. 

You may also find additional ceremonial products of mine on my Etsy page –

Inspiration for every piece comes from nature, music, art & culture. Each piece is also one-of-a-kind and hand-crafted with love and care to details. Majority of the products are intuitively made, including the materials used. What starts off as a small vision, in the midst of it all, it manages to create itself. I believe that if you are called to a particular piece, it truly was meant for you. I am merely a vessel creating tools for you to apply to your everyday life of healing and empowerment.

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