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The Hamsa Amulet is a new and exciting line of instruments from Hamsa Handpans. Quality tuning meets affordability. Each Amulet is hand shaped overseas before it is meticulously fine tuned and stabilized in house by Hamsa maker Stevan Morris. By outsourcing part of the process, Stevan is able to offer these instruments at a new lower price point, while still guaranteeing they are well tuned! Hamsa Handpans has high standards and would never put the Hamsa seal of approval on anything we were not proud of.  This is a great opportunity to jump into playing handpan!

The 4 scales available in the Amulet Handpan series are:

  • D Celtic 9
  • D Sabye 9
  • D Kurd 9
  • D Big Bear 10

Head to the Listen tab on this page to hear them all, played by Stevan himself, so you can hear some of what is possible for each scale.

**Each Amulet handpan is made from stainless steel, comes with a case, and also comes with a full ONE YEAR WARRANTY for free tuning!! (excluding serious damage/abuse)**. An amazing deal for a great quality stainless steel handpan!  


(D) A C D E F G A C
The Celtic Minor scale is one of the most beloved and enjoyed scales in the handpan world! We have sold more D Celtic Minors than any other scale in our 10 years of business! Celtic is known for its smooth, meditative mood without too much tension or darkness present. Great for everyone beginner to advanced for an effortless flow with endless melodies. Celtic Minor is a must for every handpan players arsenal!
(D) G A B C# D E F# A
The Sabye scale is one of the most popular of the major scales. The Sabye is a versatile scale, while rooted in a major key it has lots of different moods to access. The sweet side gives it a happy, uplifting feel, but it also has a nostalgic, melancholic side to it. Reminisce about the past while looking with hope towards the future. One of our favorite scales for a yoga shavasana or sound healing session!

(D) A Bb C D E F G A
The Kurd scale, also called Annaziska, is a versatile and dynamic scale. Most handpan scales are pentatonic or hexatonic, meaning they are missing a few notes out of a “full scale”. However, the Kurd scale is a fully diatonic D minor, and for this reason is favored by many top players around the world! With the Kurd scale, you have so many accessible chords at your disposal that composing is effortless. Endless inspiration lies in the Kurd scale!

(D) G A C D E F G A C
The Big Bear scale (also known as DXD) is a close relative of the Celtic Minor as well as Magic Voyage but with a slightly different mood. The addition of a low G3 opens the scale up with more warmth from a deeper start to the scale, and helps it open up the G/C major chords. A deeply relaxing scale to play, we love the Big Bear Scale! I find this scale to be very diverse and expansive the deeper I dive into it. A lush spread of notes covers 2 octaves of rich harmonies and smooth melodies. sit back and watch the stars around a nice fire with a Big Bear in your lap!

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