Seed Rattles

Seed Rattles

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Seed Rattles are a wonderful addition to any instrument collection, these are perfect for creating a natural layer of sound for meditation or sound work when you gently run your fingers through them. But they can also be played really loud and carry their sound in a drum circle or performance scenario.

Kluwak Seed Rattle (60 large seeds)

Kluwak or pangi is a tall tree native to the mangrove swamps of Southeast Asia. It produces a large fruit, the dried hard shell produces a watery medium musical sound. There are several options of how this seed is made into a musical instrument, choose from a hand held shaker or, a worn leg rattle.

Kenari Seed Rattle (200 smaller seeds) 

A musical seed from the yellow oleander tree, also called the whispering tree because of the sound it makes when the wind blows its branches. The kenari seed grows in a shell with four seeds and sometimes goes by the name lucky nut. Variations of kenari seeds are found in tropical regions of Africa, America and Asia.

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