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Seed Rattle Trio

Seed Rattle Trio

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Seed Rattles are a wonderful addition to any instrument collection, and this seed rattle trio from around the world are perfect for creating a natural layer of sound for meditation or sound work. For sound healing purposes, the best way to play then is to hold them loosely at the top loop in one hand, and gently run the fingers of your other hand through the seeds at the base. A very kinesthetic experience! This seed rattle trio produces three different frequencies and consists of (1) Kluwak seed rattle (lowest sound), (1) Kenari seed rattle (middle sound) and (1) Ideh seed rattle.

Kluwak Seed Rattle (largest rattle and seed size, lowest frequency)

Kluwak or pangi is a tall tree native to the mangrove swamps of Southeast Asia. It produces a large fruit, the dried hard shell produces a watery medium musical sound. There are several options of how this seed is made into a musical instrument, choose from a hand held shaker or, a worn leg rattle.

Kenari Seed Rattle (middle rattle and seed size,medium frequency)

A musical seed from the yellow oleander tree, also called the whispering tree because of the sound it makes when the wind blows its branches. The kenari seed grows in a shell with four seeds and sometimes goes by the name lucky nut. Variations of kenari seeds are found in tropical regions of Africa, America and Asia.

Ideh Seed Rattle (smallest rattle and seed, highest frequency)

The Ideh seed has a soft but penetrating sound. The seeds grow mainly in the eastern region of Nigeria. The ideh seed rattle is used by dancers in traditional and masquerade dances.


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