Spiral Rainsticks by Rainstick Dreams
Spiral Rainsticks by Rainstick Dreams
Spiral Rainsticks by Rainstick Dreams
Spiral Rainsticks by Rainstick Dreams
Spiral Rainsticks by Rainstick Dreams
Spiral Rainsticks by Rainstick Dreams

Spiral Rainsticks by Rainstick Dreams

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Beautiful Sounds is excited to showcase the unique handcrafted Spiral Rainsticks by musical artist Noah Rectenwald of Rainstick Dreams in Pittsburgh, PA!

Noah's beautiful rainsticks incorporate natural materials like amaranth (a small ancient grain) as the fill material for softer rain sounds, and micro glass beads for louder rain sounds. The simulated rain sound acts as a soothing and consistent background white noise that can bring the nervous system and mind into greater relaxation.  And unlike other rainsticks on the market, these ingenious rainsticks were designed for much longer playing time, and stand up on their own ends without the need to hold it in your hands during play. 

Spiral Rainsticks are perfect for personal relaxation and meditation at home, for teaching online or in person yoga and meditation, for including in sound baths, and also wonderful for audio recordings as well!  As you can see, the rainsticks are visually striking, with the clear body allowing you to take in the sacred geometry of the continuous spiral through the center, and the meditative movement of the contents slowly moving from the top compartment to the bottom, grain by grain, seed by seed, bead by bead.  An amazing addition to any healing instrument collection!


How does it work?

Like an hourglass, once the rainstick is placed upright with most or all the contents in the top compartment, gravity brings the contents through a small opening and a continuous amount of grains, seed or beads cascade down the internal bamboo  or wooden spiral staircase, creating a prolonged gentle rain sound.  The sound duration for each Spiral Rainstick depends on the rainstick size and the rainstick contents. 

See below for specifications on each model available:

XL Amaranth 19-20 minutes 4.5" x 49" 52 dB ~ 1ft 6 lbs 6 oz
L Micro Glass
~ 10 minutes 3.5" x 46" 63 dB ~ 1 ft 4lbs
L Amaranth ~ 10 minutes
3.5" x 49" 54 dB ~ 1ft 3 lbs


The Glass Bead Spiral Rainsticks come in a variety of colors, and colors available vary depending upon the maker's supply on hand.  If you order this model in either size, Kerem owner of Beautiful Sounds will let you know what colors are available to select from at the time of order for your full satisfaction.  Colors that are often available are:  Emerald, Ruby, Topaz, Purplex.


Put on some headphones and take a listen to these lovely meditative rain sounds from the different models of Spiral Rainsticks.

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