Meet Ambassador Leila Currah

Leila is a yoga teacher and movement artist, with a deep interest in the power of mindful movement practices to bring individual and collective healing. She is passionate about finding ways to reintroduce the sacred dimensions of movement to a culture which is less familiar with community dance experiences. She has been influenced by years of practice with 5Rhythms, Spirit Moves, and Dance Tribe in Los Angeles, through contemporary dance classes in San Diego, and Modern, African, and Afro-Brazilian dance in Santa Barbara. She also especially interested in the relationships between music, movement, and attention. She loves producing dynamic musical tapestries to facilitate movement experiences because the relationship between music and the body is pivotal to the expression that comes through feeling the music. Her aim as a teacher is always to facilitate experiences which feel safe and supportive, and to cultivate mindfulness, integration, and connection.

Find Leila Currah on:  Instagram | Website

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