Meet Ambassador Samantha Cooper

With a background as a obstetric Registered nurse specializing in the high risk labor and delivery unit, I found that Reiki was the key that allowed me reduce stress and anxiety, and to allow me to unlock and heal wounds deep within, giving me a true understanding of the mind body and soul connection and allowing the emergence of my true passion, healing others. Healing from grief, trauma, emotional wounds and their physical manifestations using the tools of Reiki, meditation and sound medicine. This led to my extensive study of eastern medicine’s healing roots in Dharma and Buddhist Philosophy, as well as exploring aspects of Shamanism, such a small sound medicine led me to work with Buddhist Meditation teachers, and other Spiritual Mentors.


Wanting to share this modality that helped me reach my full potential and improve every facet of my own human experience, I am now an attuned Reiki master, and now help my clients to peel back the heavy energetic layers of self and work to bring balance and awareness back to one’s life force energy. My Intuitively channeled sessions focus on the energetic balancing of chakra system, using the tools of traditional hands on Reiki, breath work and high vibrational sound to help realign the body’s energy, allowing space for mind body and soul to reach is highest physical and emotional potential. I hold space for every client creating an environment of safety and love that is conducive to deep reflection utilizing a blend of all these tools. I call this space , the Dharma Den.

Listen to Samantha's 108 Mindfully Made Podcast, which provides a safe space where we discuss topics regarding spiritual and mindful living, and guided meditations for a more present and purposeful life.

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