Meet Ambassador Victoria Crystal

Victoria is a certified IAKP Kambo practitioner. After divorce and quitting her job, Victoria was searching for a deeper purpose in life. She dedicated herself fully to a healing journey working with plant sacraments. It was two and a half years of silence, change, and transformation. This path slowly guided her towards Kambo. After she tried it for the first time, she knew that she wanted to share this medicine with others. During her long Master plant diet in the deep Peruvian jungle, the Kambo frog became her Spirit guide. A sacred union with the Kambo frog is very cherishable for her. Victoria strives to always work with integrity, humility, and compassion. It is her intention to provide a safe, harmonious, and loving space for people to assist them on their healing journeys.

Healing music instruments are the best allies that assist her in holding a healing space. They help me to guide clients through the different stages of their process during the Kambo session. The drum, for example, helps to bring up a purifying purge. The flute is a beautiful friend that helps to release stuck emotions, and the Sansula Kalimba and Flow Chimes usually come toward the end bring full surrendering and relaxation.

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