Shruti Box
Shruti Box

Shruti Box

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The Shruti Box is a hand-pumped reed instrument used to provide droning chords and notes. It is a wonderful sound to accompaniny the voice, flute, or other melodic instrument.  The fixed, droning nature of the Shruti Box is perfect for tuning the voice or for exploring the notes in a given key scale.

Each one is handcrafted and fine-tuned by Monoj Kr. Sardar & Bros, experienced and well-trusted Indian instrument makers. The exterior is made of wood, with cloth bellows and reeds allowing the sound to be pumped through the chambers of the box. It is similar to the harmonium in its overall sound and uses, but much simpler to operate and less moving parts to maintain.  Not to mention, it's a lot smaller to carry around....a super portable Harmonium style instrument for any setting!

The Shruti Boxes we carry have chromatic tuning based on western classical tuning where A = 440 Hz.  Beautiful Sounds is pleased to offer shruti boxes with either a full octave (13 notes) or three full octaves (36 notes), and each Shruti Box comes with a well padded protective carrying case.

Shruti Box Measurements (both models):
Height: 12.25"
Width: 16"
Depth (Closed): 3.25"
Depth (Open): 14"


Single Octave Shruti (13 note) 


Triple Octave Shruti (36 note)

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