Beginner Spirit Flutes Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Beginner Spirit Flutes Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments

Spirit Flutes

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We are very excited here at Beautiful Sounds to introduce Spirit Flutes, Native American Style flutes for beginners which are handcrafted from sustainable bamboo in Florida by flute artisan Leo of Ambicrafts.

These flutes that are great for beginners, and also make great travel flutes when you want something light weight but strong that you can toss in your backpack or vehicle and not worry too much!  Spirit Flutes are built to last and bring you musical peace for years to come. 

The Spirit Flutes have the following options:

  • Keys:  A (highest), G, F, E or D (lowest)
  • Frequency:  440Hz or 432Hz
  • Accent Colors:  Purple, Green, Red, Teal, or Black

Absolutely anyone can learn to play flutes.  And if you need extra help to start playing, connect with Kerem, owner of Beautiful Sounds, to set up an online mentorship session to understand the basics to start on your new flute journey. Now is a great time to bring a flute into your life! 

Spirit Flutes ship with a cloth bag for scratch and dust protection in transport.

Approximate Flute Length:

  • A Spirit Flute - 17"
  • G Spirit Flute - 18.5"
  • F Spirit Flute - 20.5"
  • E Spirit Flute - 21.5"
  • D Spirit Flute - 22"

Note: Flute lengths above are approximate as they can be variable depending on the diameter and thickness of the natural bamboo stalk used to create the flute.


Meet the Maker

Leo's Flute Making Journey: 

Hello. I am a flutemaker and flute player with over ten years of experience crafting traditional, Andean, and Native flutes. My work is inspired by the ancestral tradition of wind instruments made from natural materials such as wood and bamboo.

Since I was very young, the magic of these instruments and their sweet sound captivated my attention, leading me to study their crafting, interpretation, and valuable significance.

My studies in physics and acoustics, coupled with years of hands-on experience with wood and bamboo, have allowed me to achieve my goal in creating high-quality instruments.
I specialize in crafting a wide variety of flutes and sounds suitable for different levels of experience, from beginners to advanced players.

Today, I share my music and work around the world. Thank you for being a part of this project, which is also a lifelong dream.

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