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Drone Flutes by Oscar Rojas

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Flute and drum maker Oscar O. Rojas, a Mexican-born craftsman and artist living in San Jose, California, creates his beautifully handcrafted Native American Style Flutes from a wide variety of woods including: Sepele, Abrosian Maple, Yellow Alaskan Cedar, Western Red Cedar, Aromatic Red Cedar, Alder, Cherry, and many more. He makes single chamber flutes, as well as captivating drone flutes, also known as double flutes (see separate listing for single and double flutes in stock).

Take a look at the double flutes in stock in the product photos.  If you do not see any individual flutes listed, then we are awaiting more of these amazing flutes to arrive to our shop.  And then go to the listen tab to listen to them all!  Be sure to choose the exact flute you want in the drop down menu to add it to your cart.


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