Harpsicle Harps Journey Harps Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Harpsicle Harps Journey Harps Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Harpsicle Harps Journey Harps Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Harpsicle Harps Journey Harps Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Harpsicle Harps Journey Harps Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Journey Harps
Journey Harps
Journey Harps
Journey Harps
Journey Harps
Journey Harps
Harpsicle Harps Journey Harps Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments

Journey Harps

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Journey Harps

Journey Harps (aka Harpsicle® Harps), from the family run Rees Harps based in Rising Sun, Indiana, are extremely easy to play for beginners, and can provide a beautifully supportive, magical and mystical sound for participants in any of your transformational events including sound healing, music meditation, breathwork, circles and rituals, life celebrations or live performance.

Journey Harps have no levers found in more complex harps which keeps it super simple to get started!  They are usually tuned in the key of C, so all the notes play well together.  If desired, you can play in other keys using the included tuning wrench that comes with your harp along with a chromatic tuner and knowledge of scales.

Note: After you have had your new harp for a couple of months, the new strings will have stretched and the "belly" on the soundboard will rise. By then your Harpsicle® Harp will hold tune for days at a time. In addition to the tuning wrench, we will send along a string chart and some basic care instructions. 

Journey Harps come in natural maple and an array of fun colors, and feature:

  • 26 strings - 3.5 octaves (G to C below Middle C)

  • 5.8 pounds (2.63 kg) - extremely lightweight body!

  • 36" tall (91.44 cm) - small enough to take on an airplane

  • option for pro pickup installed for amplication
  • 2 year warranty

  • Handcrafted in the US

Journey Harp Packages

Get everything you need to get started with one of our Journey Harp Packages below  which include high quality Harpsicle® Harp accessories for everything you will need to start your new harp journey! 

  • BASIC Package: Harp + Standard Bag + Lap Stick/Strap 
  • BASIC+:  incl. Basic Package AND Bass Upgrade
  • TRAVELER Package: Harp + Deluxe Bag + Lap Stick/Strap
  • TRAVELER+  incl. Traveler Package AND Bass Upgrade
  • PRO Package: Harp + Bass Upgrade + Deluxe Bag + Adjustable Stand



ell padded and tough enough to protect your  harp well for light local travel to events, out to nature and more.  The bag has carrying handles and shoulder strap. It has a front pocket for your chromatic tuner and other small accessories. There is a special, custom pocket along the top made to accommodate a Harpsicle® Harp Stick.

The Deluxe Harpsicle® Harp Bag below sports extra thick side padding and comfortable backpack straps for hands free and care free traveling. The backpack straps can be neatly tucked away into a special pocket when not in use. A shoulder strap and short handles are also included. The bag has one accessory pocket on the front in which you can stow your chromatic tuner, music and other accessories. There is also a custom pocket made just for your Harpsicle® Harp Stick.


As with all lap harps, some folks find it difficult to keep them balanced in their laps while playing. The Harpsicle® Harp Stick, Playing Strap, and Adjustable Playing Stand are all accessories that make holding your harp easy and relaxing. 


The Harpsicle® Harp Stick makes it more comfortable to hold your Harpsicle® Harp on your lap while playing. The Stick is solid wood and is quick and easy to install and to remove.  The Harpsicle® Harp Stick easily clamps to the inside of the lower access hole on the back of the harp, adding a horizontal bar that rests across your thighs. It will also work on most other lap harps. Available in natural wood.



All Journey Harps (aka Harpsicle® Harps) come with guitar strap buttons installed at the shoulder and low on the front of the column. Simply attach each end of the strap to the buttons. Put your left arm and head through the harp strap loop making sure that the strap crosses over your right shoulder, across your back, and under your left arm. You will want to adjust the length of the strap and situate the harp so that it rest comfortably against your body. Depending on your body type, this position may vary a little for each person. Play around with the positioning and do what feels the most comfortable to you as long as your head stays on the left side of the harp.


The Adjustable Stand for Harpsicle® Harps turns your Harpsicle® Harp into a floor harp, making it easier for the harp to be played, displayed, and to stand on its own. The Adjustable Stand takes the balancing act out of holding a lap harp, making it easy, and more accessible for everyone. 

This sturdy Adjustable Stand pivots the Harpsicle® Harp to different angles and adjusts to different heights for a perfect fit. The bottom of your harp can be elevated from 10" to 18" off the floor. The harp can be adjusted to be played while all three feet of the stand are firmly planted on the floor or it can be adjusted so that the harp and stand can be tilted back together on two feet with the raised foot pointing away from the player. 

This stand is only available in natural wood with metal legs. For stability reasons this stand does not raise high enough to be used for playing while standing.


Greatly improve the sound, feel, and bass response of your Journey Harp (aka Harpsicle®Harp) with this upgrade. These four upgraded wound bass strings will dramatically improve the bass notes of your harp.   We here at Beautiful Sounds confirm this from our own experience - they make a big difference!  You can add the Bass Upgrade to any of the Basic and Traveler packages.  The Bass Upgrade is included in the Pro package.



Want the option to play your harp both acoustically and electrically? Now you can! Add this pick-up system to your Basic or Traveler Package and we will install this professional grade pickup system into your harp for you.  Pro pickups are included in the Pro package.

The LR Baggs IBEAM Active System (Classical) is a combined pick-up and pre-amp with a 1/4 inch jack connector. This pick-up is specifically voiced for nylon string instruments like your harp and has a high degree of fidelity which will bring out the dynamically rich voice of your Journey Harp Harpsicle® brand Harp. The pre-amp has a built in compression and auto-EQ to render a warm sound at any volume, without the need for an external EQ or compressor. The IBEAM Active system is powered by a common 9V battery.

Pickup systems on the Journey Harps have a jack in the bottom of the harp to connect with an amp.  You will want to purchase a high quality guitar cable to get the best sound you can when amplified.


How to Tune Your Harp

Using the Harp Stick

Using the Adjustable Stand

Using the Display Stand



Everything old really is new again and Rees Harps is no exception. William Rees began building harps in 1972. He kept his dinosaur in back of his hut and worked in the stable. (Actually, he worked in a corner of his garage but that's so long ago we can barely recall it ourselves.) Garen Rees, William's son, has been in the business since before he graduated from high school and now, well into his thirties, he's ready to "assist" his dad into retirement so that he can just get on with it already! Like William's wife, Pamela, Garen's wife, Melissa, is in the business too so we truly are keeping the crafting of your harps in our family. We absolutely love what we do and we can't help but think that our relationships with you and with these wonderful instruments shines through in every harp we make.

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