Hum Drum Harmonic Tongue Pans

Hum Drum Harmonic Tongue Pans

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Hum Drums are amazing harmonic tongue pans handcrafted in the lush valley of Udine, in northeastern Italy. Hum Drums are played slowly and softly by mallet or by hand, and are especially designed to deeply relax you with their beautifully long sustain on every note, and to be used in personal and group sound meditation.  These exquisite instruments have scales with note ranges of 15-18 notes, making them extremely versatile in music making.   This is achieved with nested notes on top of the instrument, with higher octaves of each note nested into the lower note in the same tone area.  The Hum Drum has quickly become a favorite of Beautiful Sounds, and we are thrilled to offer this sound sculpture to our U.S. customers.

Hum Drum Achelios Scales: 

Aegean | D Celtic Minor | C# Celtic Minor | B Voyage | B Celtic


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