Hokema Sansula Renaissance Kalimba Beautiful Sounds Healing Instruments
Hokema Sansula Renaissance Kalimba Beautiful Sounds Healing Instruments
Hokema Sansula Renaissance Kalimba Travel Case Beautiful Sounds Healing Instruments
Sansula Kalimba

Sansula Kalimba

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The incredibly soothing and magical Sansula instrument belongs to the family of the Kalimba, also known as a thumb piano, and can be played just as easily as your standard kalimba. The instrument has an innovative and patented suspended mounting of the resonating block on a membrane, which gives it such an amazing capability in it's tone and resonance. We at Beautiful Sounds agree it is the most beautiful sounding and easy to play kalimba out there!

The Sansula is known not only its unbelievable sound, but it's elegant design. The oval frame of laminated Beech wood is fitted with a membrane which, together with the resonating block, produces a prolonged, warm and soft tone. It's infamous 'wah-wah' effect can be produced by holding the instrument against the body, on the thigh, or laying it on a table and then moving it up and down on the surface at varying speeds.

The Sansula has an optional custom travel case, which is highly recommended.  The standard Sansula tuning in A minor allows a beginner to start creating wonderful melodies right away as all notes work together harmoniously.  And  there are now many other tunings you can choose from as well.

    The Sansula RENAISSANCE was developed to combine the best features of our other models in one, fitted with a robust synthetic REMO drumskin. The Renaissance is resistant to moisture, so it retains its tension under conditions of varying air humidity and thus also retains its wonderful sound. For all age groups. The Sansula Renaissance is the best selling kalimba model here at Beautiful Sounds and highly recommended for amazing sound in any environment! 


    Now you can choose from a whole new world of tunings of the beloved Sansula through Beautiful Sounds.  Typically shipping in A Minor, we can re-tune any Sansula in house to any of the new tunings below in our home studio in San Diego, CA, before shipping out to you, so it's exactly what you will LOVE!

    Take a listen to each alternate tuning and feel into which one is right for YOU, and request one sent to you in a different tuning:


    G Major

    D Major



    Your Sansula Renaissance Kalimba and related accessories ship directly to your door from California. 

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