Serenity Lingam Bowl Set

Serenity Lingam Bowl Set

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Serenity Lingam Bowls are specially designed, harmonically tuned, and beautifully etched smaller sets of singing bowls that come in 3, 4 and 7 bowls sets you can add to any healing session.  To add sounds of peace and serenity, you can gently invite or rub the bowls with the included mallets around the body and head of your client.  Add the sounds of beautiful bells and invite tranquility with these high quality bowls.  The bowls can also produce higher drone singing frequencies when rubbed around the edges of the bowl (larger bowls of set sing with greater ease).

These are wonderful bowls to complement any sound healing or healing practitioner set up!  

Choose from several sets of Serenity Lingam Bowls available: 

Lingam Bowls (Set of 3):   3.5" / 4.5" / 5.5" bowls included

Lingam Bowls (Set of 4):  3" / 4" / 5" / 6" bowls included

Lingam Bowls (Set of 7):   3" / 3.5" / 4" / 4.5" / 5" / 5.5" / 6" bowls included

Serenity Lingam Bowl Sets come complete with small mallets for each bowl, bowl rests and a carry case that houses the nested bowls.

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