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Himalayan Singing Bowls - Full Sets of 7

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Beautiful Sounds is excited to have connected to a wonderful source for consciously selected and harmoniously matched sets of singing bowls handcrafted in Kathmandu, Nepal.   These sets are created by a 3rd generation master teacher in Kathmandu, master Shree, who is known for his in person bowl trainings in Kathmandu.  Master Shree hand selects the bowls in each set which can take some time to make the most harmonious set of bowls.  All bowls are hand hammered and of the highest quality, and as such cannot be produced in concert pitch but instead in relative pitch to the other bowls in the set.  By making sure the bowls are all harmonious to each other, the most benefit can be derived from them when used together.

How to Get Your Own Set - Deposit Required

To make this a fair process and honor the master teacher in picking out these sets for us, we are creating a wait list with people who have committed to a non-refundable $500 deposit down on a new set to guarantee one of these hand selected sets.  Once each new set is created, we will contact the next person on the waitlist to share the bowls in sight and sound and give full pricing information to see if they would like that set or wait for the next set to be made.  Each set will be unique as all sets are made from hand hammered bowls (vs machine made), and will vary in weight and exact sizes of bowls.  These are considered to be a medium bowl sized set of 7 bowls developed for playing on and around the body, practitioner style.  They can also be used for concert style sound journeys as well if that is what you offer.

Fully Understand What You Are Getting

It's a daunting task to buy bowls online, and to know you are getting the highest quality.  It's important to know what they will sound like and look like when you receive them.  Kerem of Beautiful Sounds has her own personal set and is happy to share more in a video chat (or in person in San Diego) to share her set which will be very much like what you will receive, so you can known and understand what you are investing into.  We will also have videos from Nepal of each individual set as they are made available, so they can be seen and heard.  Between talking with Kerem and getting to see and hear the bowl set in Nepal, you will have a really good idea of what to expect.  

Full Set Estimated Pricing

Cost for full sets of 7 of these super high quality hand hammered and consciously matched sound bowls will be in the approximate range of $1700-$2200 final cost depending on their final weight, shipping costs, etc.  Once you agree to a set that is presented to you, you will pay the cost minus the $500 deposit, and the bowl set will be packed and sent directly to your door from Nepal!    


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