WAVE Sound Tools
WAVE Sound Tools

WAVE Sound Tools

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The new WAVE Sound Tools from Freenotes based in Colorado are amazing sound tools.  Designed with the sound healing practitioner in mind, each WAVE is easy to hold in one hand, spinning and shaped to move it expertly around someone laying down receiving the sounds.  These are also great to utilize in group sound journeys, light weight enough for your to walk around in between participants and giving individuals near field vibrational experiences with the instruments.  Each WAVE comes with a playing mallet.

Perfect Fifth Pairing

Each WAVE comes in a pair of perfect fifths:  C/G, D/A, E/B, or F/C.  The full set of 4 WAVES spans all the notes of the C major pentatonic scale, which means you can have multiple WAVES playing simultaneously in the same space and all notes will be harmonious with each other!

Listen below to the sound of each WAVE Sound Tool.  Recordings were done with the WAVE moving around over a mic to mimic what a receiver may experience with the sound.  There is a video below this to learn more about the WAVE instruments and see how they are held and played.


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