Our Top 5 Sound Tools Picks for Yoga Teachers on a Budget

We at Beautiful Sounds understand path of the yoga teacher is often more about personal growth, healthy lifestyle and heart than about making a ton of money.  High quality sound healing tools can be a big investment, and this financial barrier can make it more challenging to build up a sound healing instrument collection quickly to enhance your class experience for your students.  But fear not!  We've put together a list of our top 5 favorite sound tools we carry at Beautiful Sounds all priced under $400 that can help you get starting in offering amazing live sound healing for your savasana segments without breaking your budget.  All of these instruments are very portable and easy to play with no prior experience.  Click on any of the links to go direct to the product pages.

1. Flow Chimes ($240)

Our #1 sound tool pick for yoga teachers is the beloved Flow Chimes.  These chimes are known for their deeply relaxing sound, designed to be played standing up and moving throughout the yoga room.  They are light weight and fit into a travel case half the size of a rolled up yoga mat!  Don't be surprised if you see someone opening their eyes to take a peek at this magical instrument the first time they hear it.

2. Shruti Box ($279)

For yoga teachers that love to sing and use their voice or introduce mantras and/or kirtan into their classes, the shruti box is an incredible instrument to add to your collection.  Much simpler and more affordable than a harmonium, the shruti box is a drone instrument that supports the opening of the voice, and expansion of expression.  These shruti boxes are the highest quality in the world for an amazing price, and come with a great padded carry case.  Check out our shruti box learning page online created for our customers!

3. Sansula Kalimbas ($259) 

The Sansula Kalimba is our most compact instrument but packs a lot of healing vibes into it's small size!  Also known in the world as a thumb piano, the Sansula has a very unique design that allows the player to create a wonderful watery waa-waa effect with the notes by simply lifting the frame of the instrument gently up and then back down to the surface of the case while playing.  You will fall in love with the sound of this instrument, and it's a great choice if you want an instrument to accompany any type of guided meditation you might incorporate into your classes.

4. VibeDrum Tongue Drums ($395)

Tongue drums This style of instrument can now be found all over the internet, but you really want to make sure to get something you know will sound great every time you play it and a high quality to last for years.  We've tested a lot of tongue drums over the last few years and absolutely love the VibeDrums for their slim size, cool finishes, great carry case and double sided mallets.  VibeDrums can be played easily in your lap, and due to their slim size and lighter weight they can even be placed onto the your students bodies during savasana for a direct vibrational experience while you play!   

5. Freenotes Wings ($255-$365)

The Freenotes Wing xylophones have beautiful sounds that are really easy to play, and the two smallest models (G major / D minor) are small enough to toss in a backpack to take with you to any of your classes around the city.  They come with two playing mallets and can transport you into another world with their etheric sound.  Like the VibeDrums, Freenotes are created in pentatonic tunings which means you can relax and just play, knowing everything will sound harmonious.