Sonic Pyramids

Sonic Pyramids

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Inspired by Burmese Bells and the Great Pyramid, each Sonic Pyramid is a unique instrument with its own individual character and expression. Imbibed with the power and intent to be a source of inspiration, grounding and alignment, each pyramid is a resonance chamber through which the voice of the universe expresses itself and a wholesome sonic tool for the harmonization of self and our surroundings.

They can be used in dedicated play as a simple calling bell, for personal harmonization, or in invoking and changing the atmosphere of circumstances or a place, while at the same time be utilized as intentional sonic tools in therapeutic and healing work and group settings.

Sonic Pyramid Origins

The Great Pyramid of Egypt has fascinating geometry which simultaneously harbours the proportion of PI - the circle and its diameter and circumference, as well as PHI - the sacred golden means. The Sonic Pyramids instrument series take this geometry as the blueprint, scaled in 4 different models of 1/2000, 1/1000, 1/750 and 1/500 of the size of the actual building.  In this way, they stay in the context of its energy generating capacities and proportions. For a deeply fascinating and thorough read on the development and background of the Sonic Pyramid series, peruse the Sonic Pyramids Brochure from SVARAM - just going to!

Sonic Pyramid Models

Sonic Pyramid - The Radiating One (1/500 scale to The Great Pyramid)

Radiating Solar energies this massive and powerful sound source can be a life recharging sonic sun in any larger space dedicated to inner practice and studies and a conscious life. Its intensity can transform any context, situation or momentum into a deeper perception of the sacred dimension of our life; it brings the call of a veritable temple gong or congregational bell into your communal or public environment.

It needs to be mounted from above, as it is rather heavy and is played on the laterals points of the triangle to create a spinning motion of the bell, effecting radiating vibrations and standing waves in the surroundings.


Sonic Pyramid – The Embracing One (1/750 scale to The Great Pyramid)

The lighter of the two rotating pyramids, can still be held by hand but is also better hung, so that the full effect can unfold and spread through space. It offers a solid, embracing feel, gathering and bringing together the vibrations of the room into a coherent harmony, tuning the environment to a supporting foundation, while at the same time opening an ascending focused pillar of sound. 


Sonic Pyramid - The Moving One (1/1000 scale to The Great Pyramid)

The protecting and healing energies of the falcon messenger between sky and earth is an exceptional sonic tool which has to be used with clarity and full attention. A veritable ‘sonic pendulum’, which needs careful handling and pre-caution due to its possible radius and impact, brings the pyramid energies on the wings of the heavenly falcon.

The naturally induced gentle swinging pendulum movements bring the sound effect into any – preferably outdoor – environments and can completely free and shift stagnant energies into harmonious vibrations and nourishing frequencies. With exercise and practice the simple pendulum movements can be explored and brought into flowing lemniscates and circles and intensifies the impact of spatial and bio-sensory sound perception, opening an extraordinary state of fluidity and potential metamorphosis.


Sonic Pyramid - The Shining One (1/2000 scale to The Great Pyramid)

Representing the air element, this handy, small tuning pyramid in the high frequency range is mainly used for clearing, moving and refreshing energies of spaces and the subtle bodies. It's fine yet penetrating sound can alert, awaken and call in bright intentions, open untapped sources and lighten the surrounding field, liberating it from disharmonies and unwanted burdens.

It is gently tapped with the selected mallet and moved through the space or over the body in conscious movements-gestures of clearing, dispersing and invoking positive vibrations.

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