Kailani Sound Sculptures Chimes Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Kailani Sound Sculptures Chimes Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Kailani Sound Sculptures Chimes Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Kailani Sound Sculptures Chimes Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Kailani Sound Sculptures Chimes Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments
Kailani Sound Sculptures Chimes Beautiful Sounds Healing Music Instruments

Kailani Sound Sculpture Chimes

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Kailani is a new, high-quality artisan musical instrument, developed in Austria in 2012 by Michael Merkle. During a entheogenic ceremony, Michael questioned, “What are the sounds of the musical instruments played by the angels?” The reply came, channeled through, with the concept of the Kailani. It is an instrument that is intuitively played and produces crystalline and celestial sounds. The Kailani creates harmonious sounds that may be used for healing, music, and pleasure.

Kailani is made with precise tuning that emanates high resonance, long sustain, and rich harmonic sounds. Every combination of notes in a Kailani is like opening a distinct portal that benefits introspection, serenity, and limitless self-expression. The artisan wooden frame, built from selected hardwoods, is architect in a beautiful hexagonal format (based in Sacred Geometry) that helps amplify the instruments energetic potential.

Kai means sea in Hawaiian, and Lani means sky (or heaven). With the range of sounds it produces, Kailani indeed encompasses both heaven and ocean.  We are delighted to feature it in the Beautiful Sounds collection of healing music instruments.

Who can play Kailani?

Kailani can be play by any person who feels called for the instrument. No previous musical education, skill or knowledge is needed. It is an intuitive instrument. Kailani invites singers to accompany and explore their voices, while allowing musicians to expand their creative process. Novices to music, as well as children, may play it to help develop sensitivity and creativity, and Healers may use it to open doors to a new and exciting venue of Sound Healing. Any person, regardless of their musical development, can empower themselves to produce music.

The sounds emanated by the Kailani create an unique space of quietness, serenity, introspection, and crystalline vibrations, inviting the presence of deep relaxation and meditation to the environment.

How is Kailani played?

Kailani can be played with fingers or with mallets. Either way, the player can explore different ways of producing harmonies and consonant scales, catered to the player’s intuition and their way of playing.

Kailani can be positioned by placing the instrument wrapped within the player’s thighs and held by the feet; by hanging the instrument on a wall (special hanging wires are built into the instrument’s frame,) or by loose hanging e.g. from a tree branch. It can also be positioned with an external improvise support, placed at the corners of the instrument. 




Kailani and Sacred Geometry

The field of Sacred Geometry seeks to understand the universe by studying geometric shapes and proportions, delving deeply into the universe of shapes and symbols. One of the forms of great power and relevance is the HEXAGON, being a direct inspiration for our sound sculpture, KAILANI. This mystical shape is found in several religious symbols such as the center of the Star of David, the Kabbalah Tree of Life, or the Nordic Hagal rune. The hexagon originates from the union of two triangles, one pointing upwards (representing male energy / Yang) and one pointing downwards (representing female energy / Yin). In the perfect and balanced encounter of these polarities, the moving force of all creation is found. The hexagonal shape is also widely found in nature, such as: in ice crystals, in the structure of DNA, bee hives, formation of insect eyes, and even in the formation of clouds at the north pole of Saturn! The meanings and symbolisms are diverse, what can you tell us about the Hexagon? We invite you to bring the power of the Hexagon to your life through Kailani - Sound Sculptures.


Audio Sample of Dolphin Dreaming

Audio Sample of Queen of the Forest Tuning

Audio Sample of Cradle Tuning

Meet the Makers

Kailani Sound Sculptures are handmade one by one by maker Carlos Pinheiro, in

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil!   

Leticia Billwiller, Carlos' wife, takes care of logistics, packaging, and modeling for Kailani. 

From Carlos:  "

To build something is to give it life. Taking raw materials, transforming, assembling, and arising new context and meaning from the labor. Each instrument has it’s own personality, heart and soul. Unique, like a new born child. To hear it’s first sound is like listening to a child’s first cry in the world. And what a magical experience that is."

Peek Into The Kailani Making Process

Before tying a Kailani to finalize the instrument, we test different sets of tubes to carefully choose which combinations will sound the more pleasant. In the video above we are testing some tubes for a Rainha da Floresta (Queen of the Forest) tuning.

Production and Shipping

Kailani are skillfully made completely by hand in every step, in batches of 4 instruments at a time every two weeks.  So get in queue with your purchase now and await your beautiful instrument!  We will keep you updated on the progress as your Kailaini gets closer to production, and tracking when it ships.

Current wait time for your custom instrument is 1-2 months depending on time of order.

Cost for shipping your Kailani from Brazil is $200.

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