Bass Harmony 5 - Special Edition Euphonic Arrays

Bass Harmony 5 - Special Edition Euphonic Arrays

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Euphonic Arrays are modern unique acoustic frequency generating healing instrument, created in recent history, as a new form of water and metal, friction based sonic wonder.   Hey who writes this copy, anyways. 🤣 👋🏼

Beautiful Sounds has put together one of a kind bass focused euphonic array sets you will not find anywhere else!

We created six of these special edition sets, and six only, each in a unique tuning of a different perfect fifth chords. They are available to purchase right now, and can be shipped anywhere in the U.S.!

Audio recordings of each Bass Harmony 5 set in the LISTEN tab for your listening ear, to choose which one to bring into your life.   Wear headphones and dive in.  Recordings alone just cannot do this instrument enough justice, especially in the deepest bass notes, but wow you will feel it's frequency power even more in person!

Playing this instrument is super tactile..literally sound healing at your fingertips!



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